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Since the age of 3, I have been involved in dance and entertainment-related activities, and have worked in various fields such as musicals, artist activities, and dancers. What they all have in common is "work that can be seen".

Since I was 10 years old, I have been on a diet repeatedly, and what is the right way to spend my days? I got the qualification with doubts. After that, I read more than 100 diet books and studied hard, and this is the correct diet method! I met something that I can proudly say.

However, unlike what I had imagined, it was a really simple “improvement of lifestyle habits”. After realizing this, I was able to successfully lose 8kg without weight training or diet restrictions, and my mindset and inner life changed brightly and positively.

Lifestyle improvement is obvious! Some people may think so, but I feel that there are very few people who are aware of the real meaning.

I want to convey this method to many people and change the concept of diet! I want to save people who are suffering like I was in the past! I think, I'm currently doing a diet support business. We will do our best to help more people become healthy in mind and body and live a sparkling and happy life.

D-fitt representative trainer

Erina Higashi



・ Japan Diet Health Association Certified Instructor

・Professional Advisor (Diet Test Level 1)

・ Life advisor (diet test grade 2)

・Dancefit Instructor


2017.9~2019,1 Croquette Mimic Tokyo exclusive dancer MIMICS
2018 in Singapore club pixie exclusive dancer

2001.10~12 "Gacco teacher" #6.7 (TBS)
2003.11 "Tuesday Suspense Theater Archaeologist Reiko Sakuma part3" (CX)
2013.1~ "Otoboke POPS" POP Girls (BS TBS)
2015 "Idol Kouhaku Uta Gassen" (Tokyo MX TV)
2016 "MUSIC BB" (Tokyo MX TV)
2016 "Master ☆ Collection" (Chiba TV)
2016 "Music☆Express" (TV Saitama)
2016 "Uta Musume" (TV Saitama)
2016.2 "DHC Extreme Lunch Break" (SKY PerfecTV!)
2017.8 "Seven detectives season 3" #7 (TV Asahi) as Tatsukawa real estate office worker
2017.12 "Enemy of the people ~Isn't the world strange!?" #8 (Fuji TV) as Blue grasshopper

2009.6~2010.6 Oricon "Pokey! RANKING Paradise" Ranpara Girls 3rd generation
2016 "360 Channel" Animal Cafe
2017.6 AbemaTV "Harajuku Avenue"
2017.7 AbemaTV "Popteen's back talk!"

1997 Takara "Cooking Party"
2017 Berry Goodman "Pain Pain Go Away feat.MUTSUKI from softly" as C

1997.11 Gekidan Fuji "Run, Melos" (Hitotsubashi Hall) as Nene
1998.8 Theater Company Fuji "Twenty-Four Eyes" (Hitotsubashi Hall) as Kotoe
2002.8 Theater Company Fuji "Musical Tom Sawyer Story" (Zenrosai Hall) as Cid
2003.1 Theater Company Fuji "Musical Oliver" (Zenrosai Hall) as Oliver
2003.5 Gekidan Fuji "Fly! Dandelion fluff!"
2005.1 Performed as Kazumi at Theater Company Fuji "When the flowers bloom is beautiful" (Zenrosai Hall)
2005.12 Theater Company Fuji "Christmas Carol" (Kichijoji Theater) as Tomomi
2006.10 Gekidan Ensei "Musical Friendship -Please give me the future-" (Ginza Hakuhinkan Theater) as Naomi Sasahara
2007.2 Planned by Gunji "Piyopiyojioji" (Atelier Applause)
2008.11 Theatrical company Fuji "A nasty old man has arrived!" (TACCS1179) as Daigoro

2005 Sega Toys "Ochakenu Style Osharedo"
2012 myumo

2016.10 "High Touch!" (RKB Radio)
2016.6 FM Urayasu "Radio and Radiko"

2015.7~ Machida Kouhaku Uta Gassen @ Machida Terminal Plaza
2015.7 Chiba Minato Marine Sonic 2015 @ Chiba Port Park
2015.8 Akiba Academia Summer 2015 Summer Festival supported by Shinseido
2015.8 Nippon Television Locodol Koshien 2015 @ Shiodome/Nittele Tower Oyane Plaza special stage
2015.9 All Japan Idol Festival @ Shibuya Owada Densho Hall
2015.10 GREEN PIECE 2015 Music FES 2015 @ Yame City Railway Memorial Park special stage
2015.10 Sports of Heart 2015 @ Yoyogi National Stadium outdoor stage
2015.10 Omori Machikatsu Festival 2015 @ Rotary Square in front of JR Omori Station
2016.3 Fire prevention and disaster prevention fair @ Ito-Yokado Omori store (Omori fire station)
2016.5 Uta Musume Super Live 2016 ~Early Summer~ @ Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
2016.6 Asakusa BeerParty@Asakusa Hanayashiki (sponsored by the Soft Shell Club Association)
2016.7 Tokyo Tower club333
2016.7 The 62nd Mobara Tanabata Festival Main Stage
2016.7 TINS ~The Strongest Stage~ @ Zepp tokyo
2017.5 Fashion Leaders real6@Namba Hatch (Kansai Collection) opening dancer
2017.11 oAno☆Festival @ Croquette Mimic Tokyo

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