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About D-fitt

Three features of D-fitt

Specializing in making a body that will not gain weight for a lifetime

Even if you can lose weight, it doesn't make sense if you rebound. not rebound,the only way to dietI will give a lecture.

​Friendly support

We are focusing on motivation maintenance and mental support that is impossible with free apps. A personal trainer stays by your side, and you go on a diet together.

​online lesson

Unlike lessons with videos that can be viewed at any time and lessons with a large number of people, you can feel the effects of exercise to the fullest with moderate tension and accurate advice.

"​ Get a stress-free, fat-free body for life"

Diet means diet and training.

However, when the diet period ends and you return to your original life

You will get back in shape.



A proper diet is

No diet or special training required.

like this

Instead of doing stressful special methods

​ “Eliminating stress” is the essence of dieting.

In D-fitt thisbased on the essencebecause we support

Realize graduation from diet

You can get a body that will not gain weight for the rest of your life.

Is life fun when you can't eat what you want?

Can you continue the exercise you don't want to do for the rest of your life?

and diet goals

"to lose weight"is not

real goal is

"Send a stress-free day

Maintaining an ideal figure

It is necessary to improve lifestyle

and to change something

Change of environment is most effective

to help change the environment

D-fitt exists

Also, rather than formal support

Because I value the warmth and emotional connection that can be felt because it is person-to-person

Motivate you and lead you to success

D-fitt Team

“I want to convey the wonders of exercise and health”

A selection of professional instructors with such thoughts

At-home guidance that snuggles up to empathy​ I am trying


Diet salon D-fitt supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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