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​Lesson Consent Form

By participating in the course, I agree to the following:

1. I agree to conduct lessons under the guidance of the instructor, pay attention to safety under my own personal responsibility, and participate in the lessons within the limits of my physical limitations.

2. (For those who already have allergies, are injured, are ill, are pregnant, or have physical disabilities due to congenital or acquired reasons) Consent of the attending physician I agree to declare at the time of reservation below.

3. For those who fall under 2 above, if there is any first aid that you would like to know in case of emergency, please be sure to declare it when making a reservation before participating in the event.

4. Those who fall under 2. above should consult with their doctor in advance and acknowledge that there is no problem in participating in the lesson and that they will manage their physical condition at their own responsibility.

5. Lessons are different from medical practice for the purpose of treatment and diagnosis, and we understand that the effect of getting healthy both physically and mentally is "expected", and the purpose of treatment for allergies and diseases, injuries, illnesses, etc. I agree not to participate in therapeutic purposes. In addition, I acknowledge that D-fitt requests that I consult with my doctor in advance.

6. In the unlikely event that something is wrong with my physical condition during the lesson, I agree to stop participating immediately and report it to the teacher.

7. In the unlikely event that an injury or illness occurs during the lesson, you agree to take responsibility yourself, and D-fitt will not hold any responsibility to the parties concerned regardless of the cause. I accept.

8. In an online lesson, your audio/video will be sent to all participants. Please note that if you want to hide your voice and video from the instructor and other participants, you will need to turn them off.

9. D-fitt shall not be held responsible for any personal or property accidents or thefts that occur within the studio during studio lessons.


10. If the studio or a third party suffers damage due to reasons attributable to serious self-responsibility, the member shall be responsible.

11. If the participant is a minor, he or she must have parental consent.

I have read and understand the above and agree to abide by it.

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