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Looking for online diet monitor

✔ 97% success rate! Weight loss average -6kg!
(*As of July 2022)

・I don't want to do muscle training or diet restrictions!
・I want to know the correct diet method!
・I want to be beautiful and live a sparkling life!

With a stress-free original program that changes from "lifestyle habits", you can aim for a body that will not gain weight for the rest of your life. Make it the last diet of your life!






Online diet content

① full-scale counseling

Supervised by Japan Diet Health Association Certified Instructor
An easy-to-understand 1:1 lecture on D-fitt's original program!

Create a diet program that suits you

② Daily LINE meal guidance
Easily report your daily meals on LINE!

You will receive detailed feedback from your trainer.

③ Take online lessons twice a week

No need to go out! Easy course at home!

It's not muscle training, it's a program that you can enjoy such as dance and yoga, so you can continue without difficulty ◎

④ Question support by exclusive trainer
Consult immediately if you do not understand! Can be resolved immediately

⑤ With limited time benefits!
Details at the bottom of the page.

\After 2 months, get your ideal figure! /

Average -6 kg! ! Even those who have lost up to 15 kg ◎
You can enjoy fashion without worrying about the size of clothes ♪









■ Diet monitor conditions

✔ Healthy men and women over the age of 20 (those who have not been prohibited from exercising by a doctor)

✔ Cooperate in submitting a simple questionnaire

✔Those who can understand that the contents of the questionnaire and LINE text may be used for advertisements, etc. (Information that can identify individuals such as names and faces will not be posted.)

■ Purpose of recruiting monitors

・To improve the quality of our services.

・To ensure the effectiveness of the program.

・To make it easier for you to experience diet services.


■ Representative Trainer/Erina Higashi

Instead of blaming what you can't do, think together about how you can do it,We are committed to providing warm, friendly support.
I will do my best to support those who have failed so far to lead them to success!
Let's do our best together (^^)

・ Japan Diet Health Association Certified Instructor
・Dancefit Instructor
・Professional Advisor (Diet Test Level 1)

■ Customer's voice

\ 11.2 kg in 2 months! /

✔Weight 74.1kg→62.9kg

Until now, I had an image of a painful diet, but I changed my perception of dieting and enjoyed doing it.
I especially learned a lot about food! It was big for me to be able to eat enough to be satisfied!
I was able to learn what to be careful about next time when I was drinking or eating too much, and when I was worrying too much, someone called out to me and I was able to maintain my motivation. Thanks to Erina. It was really nice to be able to participate this time.
(Saitama Prefecture, 24-year-old female, 153cm)

\ 7 kg in 2 months! -6.8%! /

✔︎Weight 63.3kg→56.3kg
✔︎ Body fat percentage 38.5% → 31.7%

I learned from my experience that even online lessons work well and are effective enough. I am thrilled to realize that there are things I can do at home. When I stopped losing weight, I don't think I could have moved on by myself. I was able to move on without feeling discouraged.
(Tokyo, 50-year-old female, 155cm)

\ 4.9 kg in 2 months! -6.2%! /

✔Weight 58.5kg→53.6kg
✔ Body fat percentage 30.8% → 24.6%

Up until now, I hadn't been conscious of dieting as a habit, and had been restricting my diet and exercising unreasonably.
(23-year-old female, 159cm, Saga Prefecture)


■ Frequently Asked Questions

Q, What is the payment method?
A, Account transfer and credit card are available.

Q, What if I miss a lesson?
A, on another schedule
Make-up lessons are possible.

Q, Are there really no dietary restrictions?
A, Yes, there are no NG ingredients. It is a program that allows you to lose weight while eating what you like.



























4 week challenge
monitor application form


Thank you for sending

to the email address you entered

Selection result in 1-3 daysI will send you

*You will receive an automatic reply email immediately.

If you can't reach it, please contact the official line.

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